Currently on a semi-hiatus for schOOL GODDAMMIT WHY IS SUMMER OVER
If you have any Supernatural headcanons (or wincest ones *eep*) send them to me. I love headcanons so much and I can't get enough of them. Or if you just want to talk, because idk if you've noticed this, but I'm a very chatty person. I like talking. I probably talk too much, in fact.
I also recently changed my icon so if you're wondering who the fuck that is on your dashboard, iT'S ME. ANNND the icon was made by huntingsammy, so all creds to her~

name's jo

canadian - 16 - female

i like supernatural WAY WAY WAY too much for my own good. kinda wincest shipper, too, but don't tell my parents. they'd throw holy water on me. (i'd probably hiss).
sam girl

working on the third chapter of my still unpublished destiel fic (pls help it's hard)

outlander sideblog

check out my ficlet request / trope game

and maybe check out my completed fics per request
other stuff


resistance network page coming soon (i'm still trying to choose a theme)

wattpad (1)
wattpad (2)
fanfics (1)
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blogs to follow
their blogs are awesome and (bonus) they're even awesomer people
(just don't tell them I said that)
other other stuff
message me! I'm friendly(ish) and if you don't bash my boys, we should get along just fine. :D

OH, and I also make stuff on occasion (other than fics)
Fandom stuff

fan of: (tv/movies)

- supernatural - sherlock - downton abbey - suits - outlander - grimm - firefly - btvs & angel - bones - marvel - star trek - probs more but i'm forgetting them


- outlander - tmi - thg - pjo - lots and lots of others, so let's not get carried away


- jared padalecki - jensen ackles - sam heughan - emma stone - michelle dockery - david boreanaz - panagiotis kone - jonathan toews - alan tudyk - heath ledger
seven devils // florence + the machine

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